Remove Any PC Softwares with leftovers for free

Remove Any PC Softwares with leftovers for free

“Geek Uninstaller” – an open-source solution for thoroughly removing any PC software, including stubborn leftovers, all in one efficient application. With Geek Uninstaller, bid farewell to lingering traces of uninstalled programs, reclaim valuable disk space, and ensure a cleaner, more optimized PC experience, all at no cost.


  1. Complete Software Removal: Geek Uninstaller employs advanced algorithms to scan your system meticulously, ensuring the complete removal of all traces of uninstalled programs, including files, folders, and registry entries.
  2. User-Friendly Interface: Our intuitive interface makes it effortless for users of all levels to navigate and harness the powerful features of Geek Uninstaller. With simple controls and clear instructions, you can remove unwanted software with ease.
  3. Force Removal: Stubborn programs refusing to uninstall? Geek Uninstaller’s force removal feature allows you to eradicate even the most resistant applications, leaving no trace behind.
  4. Batch Uninstall: Save time and effort by uninstalling multiple programs simultaneously with Geek Uninstaller’s batch uninstallation feature. Say goodbye to tedious one-by-one removals.
  5. Backup and Restore: Never worry about mistakenly removing the wrong program again. Geek Uninstaller offers a backup and restore feature, allowing you to safely undo any uninstallations and restore removed programs effortlessly.


  • Cost-Free Solution: Enjoy the benefits of complete software removal at no cost with Geek Uninstaller’s free version.
  • System Boost-Up: By removing leftover files and registry entries, Geek Uninstaller helps boost system performance and responsiveness.
  • Trials and Reactivations: Geek Uninstaller offers trial versions and reactivations for premium features, allowing users to experience advanced functionalities.
  • Dedicated Support Services: For users seeking additional assistance, Geek Uninstaller provides paid services for dedicated support, ensuring prompt resolution of queries and issues.


  • Open Source: Geek Uninstaller is open-source software, meaning its source code is freely available for inspection, modification, and distribution by anyone.
  • Comprehensive Removal: Ensures thorough removal of software, including leftover files and registry entries, for a cleaner system.
  • User-Friendly: Intuitive interface makes it easy for users of all levels to navigate and use the program.
  • Force Removal: Ability to force remove stubborn programs that resist traditional uninstallation methods.
  • Batch Uninstall: Saves time by allowing users to uninstall multiple programs simultaneously.
  • Backup and Restore: Offers a backup and restore feature for added peace of mind.


  • Limited Platform: Currently available only for Windows operating systems.
  • No Auto-Update: As an open-source project, Geek Uninstaller may not receive automatic updates, requiring users to manually check for and install updates.
  • Less Support: Limited customer support compared to commercial alternatives.

Experience the power of Geek Uninstaller today.

Step By Step Installation

Step 1

open website and click download button

Step 2

Select Zip file to download

Step 3

Now open your download folder and right click on downloaded zip file and click on extract all. Then click Extract button

Step 4

After extracting the zip file, you will encounter an application named “Geek.” Simply double-click on this application to launch it, and you will be presented with a list of all installed apps on your computer. From this list, you can right-click on any software that you wish to uninstall and select the uninstall option. Upon successful uninstallation, the application will proceed to remove any leftover files and components.