Top 3 AI Tools for Artists

The art world is changing a lot, and AI is a big part of it. Instead of using traditional art tools like brushes and easels, artists now have new digital tools to try out. There are so many options, though, so where do you start?

This guide will show you the top 3 AI tools made to spark your artistic passion.

DALL-E 2 is really good at making lifelike and imaginative pictures based on what you describe. It lets you control lots of details in the images and gives you different versions of what you ask for.

But, it’s a bit hard to get because it’s in a closed testing phase, and it can cost a lot. Some people worry about the ethics of using it to create images, and it might take some practice to get the results you want.

If you’re an artist who wants super realistic or dreamlike pictures, or you like to play around with ideas, DALL-E 2 could be great for you.

Jasper Art:
Jasper Art is easy to use, especially if you’re into different art styles. It focuses on letting you explore lots of artistic looks and types. You can even use pictures for inspiration.

But, you don’t have as much control over the tiny details like you do with DALL-E 2. Some styles might look a bit repetitive, and if you want really realistic art, this might not be the best choice.

It’s awesome for artists who want to try out different styles and techniques, making cool art for things like illustrations, posters, or graphic design.

Dream by WOMBO:
Dream by WOMBO is free and lets you create unique, animated art. It’s quick and fun to play around with, and you can customize how your animations look.

But, you can’t control the content too much, and sometimes the results can be a bit wild and unpredictable. Also, it might not work well with all art styles.

It’s perfect for artists who want to make animated art, explore crazy and trippy visuals, or create short video loops and GIFs.

Bonus options:

Midjourney is like DALL-E 2 but focuses more on fantasy and sci-fi art, with a community-driven vibe.

NightCafe lets you add cool filters and effects to your existing images. It’s good if you want to try out different styles on your own work.