Top Popups Lead Plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce in 2024

Say goodbye to the hassle of dealing with complicated code when creating popups and opt-in forms. Brave Popup makes it easy for anyone, even if you’re not a coding expert, to design attractive conversion widgets in just a few minutes. Thanks to its simple drag-and-drop editor, the process is both straightforward and enjoyable.

With a collection of nine elements, such as text, buttons, images, forms, and more, you can create unique and interesting popups that truly stand out. The free version has everything you need to begin, allowing you to customize your widgets to match your brand seamlessly.

Beyond Popups:

Brave Popup isn’t limited to just popups; it lets you make various widgets that boost conversions, including:

  1. Lead Generation Forms: Capture valuable leads with beautifully designed forms that easily connect with popular email marketing platforms.
  2. Sticky Bars: Attract attention with informative bars at the top or bottom of your webpages, ideal for announcing special offers or promotions.
  3. Sidebars: Make the most of your sidebar space by adding interactive widgets that encourage engagement and conversions.

Convert Visitors Effortlessly:

Brave Builder not only helps you create visually appealing widgets but also assists in turning visitors into loyal customers. With robust targeting options, you can display your widgets to specific audiences at the right time and place.

Check out some standout conversion-boosting features of Brave Builder:

  1. Custom Triggers: Activate your widgets based on user actions, like scrolling depth, time spent on the page, or exit intent.
  2. A/B Testing: Experiment with different versions of your widgets to find what resonates best with your audience and increases conversions.
  3. Goal Tracking: Monitor how well your widgets are performing and understand their impact on your overall results.

More Than a Plugin, a Complete Conversion Solution:

Brave Builder isn’t just a plugin; it’s a comprehensive conversion solution. It offers everything necessary to transform your website visitors into devoted customers, from crafting eye-catching widgets to targeting the right audience and evaluating your outcomes.

Ready to experience the power of Brave Builder on your WordPress website? Download the free version today and start converting visitors like never before!